AlgoDocs Pricing Plans

docs the prices plans are the software tools that help you create and manage product paperwork. This includes application user guides, release notes, and also other technical records that makes it possible for users to understand how to use your products. Additionally, this tool also allows you to transfer existing records for your software and export it in various formats.

Choosing the right docs prices approach can help you save funds and drive more out of the software financial commitment. Whether you need to procedure millions of records per month or maybe a few, AlgoDocs offers many different subscription plans to fit your needs.

The Basic paperwork pricing program is ideal for tiny teams that are looking for to draw out data by PDF files. It costs $0. 20 for each document parsed. The Advanced docs charges plan is made for larger groups, and it provides advanced integrations just like Salesforce and Okta SSO. It also has a dedicated s?lger and features that help your workforce be more useful.

The Enhanced docs pricing package is designed for significant teams that need advanced features and advanced reliability. It includes a passionate account manager, SAML-based SSO, and a Salesforce integration. Their base cost is $65 every seat monthly, or $60 if invoiced yearly.