Africa Marriage Pitch Traditions

African culture is full of customs that will make weddings unique and traditional to the people who practice them. It could be hard to generalize regarding the many different methods in which lovers celebrate their appreciate and dedication, but there are a few essentials that tend to be and customarily viewed at Africa traditional wedding events.

Proposal Letters

In a few cultures, the groom might write a pitch letter to his future partner and her family. This notification lays out his intentions to marry her and particulars if he will discuss with the women’s family. Sometimes, the standard also shapes a price range for a dowry.

Kola Nuts

A kola nut is an important part of wedding customs in Gambia, Nigeria and also other West Africa regions. It is a sign of friendship and a gesture of goodwill towards potential bride’s relatives. The kola wedding ceremony options nut is usually broken after the wedding, distributed by along with elders and it is considered a symbol of love and unity.

Money on the Bride

In West Africa, a popular traditions is for spouse and children and friends to spray funds on the bride-to-be during the flow portion of the wedding ceremony. This is certainly done to show that they are completely happy for the couple and symbolize a prosperous potential for them.

Respecting Elders

In a number of West African countries, libations happen to be performed to be able to honor the spirits with their ancestors. This is sometimes a Senegal Women And Girls For Marriage incredibly emotional and moving area of the wedding, but is an important ritual that can also help the new couple to begin on the correct foot.


In many African places, the exchange of rings is normally an essential element of a wedding. They are traditionally a sign of commitment and tend to be often elaborately furnished with adinkra or ankh signs, as well as Yoruban knots.

Cloth Pertaining to Friends

In certain African countries, a cloth is normally worn by simply friends to exhibit their closeness. This can be commonly used in formal incidents like funerals, marriage ceremonies and omen events. The material is usually white colored or green in color, although can be built from any cloth the friends and family members choose.

This is a way to show their very own support and respect pertaining to the bride and groom, and to give them the opportunity to interact socially. It can be a number of entertaining for all engaged, especially for the bride and groom to discover how their friends and family members react.

Tasting the Four Elements

The Yoruba culture offers a tradition called “Tasting the 4 Elements” which involves the groom and bride tasting cayenne, lemon, darling and vinegar to represent how they is going to deal with marital relationship over the years. This can be an important ritual that demonstrates to the wedding couple about every other’s talents, weaknesses and nature.

Using the Families With each other

In many Africa societies, it is crucial to bring the families of the groom and bride together before the real marriage happens. This is a practice that dates back for the traditional Yoruba religion, and it’s an opportunity meant for the two families to get to know each other ahead of their wedding day.